RI115 Sea View Villas In Istanbul For Sale 2021

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RI115 Sea View Villas In Istanbul For Sale 2021

  About RI115 Sea View Villas In Istanbul For Sale:

RI115 Sea View Villas In Istanbul For Sale is located on a land of 1.500.00 m2 with its own horizontal architectural design. The project offers a town concept which is the only coastal town of Istanbul with the West Istanbul Marina. With the capacity of 900 yachts in the Marina, there is a beach, 1.5 km coastline, sports club, hospital, seaside cafes, restaurants, private school and shopping mall in the project. One of the best features of RI115 Sea View Villas In Istanbul For Sale Istanbul is the green area. 79% of the RI115 Istanbul project is green field, so you can experience nature in the city.

RI115 Sea View Villas In Istanbul For Sale consists of 4 stages in total. With 4 stages, there are both villa options and apartment options. Villas are defined as “ideal villas" by combining the concepts of comfort and luxury. With its sea view and excellent architecture, RI115 Istanbul villas are located in a perfect part of the project. With the smart home system, you can remotely control many areas in your villa such as heating, gas, electricity and curtains with your mobile phone.

In addition to villa options, there are 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 apartment options. You can find the apartment that best suits your needs with its large balconies and Marmara sea view! There are apartment options from 66 square meters to 209 square meters.

Get a privileged life with Midclubs included in RI115 Istanbul! You can enjoy your time with many sports activities such as riding club, outdoor & indoor swimming pool, basketball and tennis courts, fully equipped fitness center, playstation rooms, cinema rooms and squash room in Midclubs.

Transportation in RI115 Sea View Villas In Istanbul For Sale is provided by both land and sea. Thanks to the project's proximity to E5 and Tem highways, you can also go to the city center by land or by sea taxi without being caught in the traffic.

Project Features: Beach, Cafes and Restaurants, School, Kalyon Houses, RI115 Sport and Health Club, Mercan Houses, Hotel, Marina Villas, Hospital, Luxury Shopping Mall

1+1 Apartment
  • Gross m2: 66
  • Net m2: 45
  • Min Price: 185.000$
2+1 Apartment
  • Gross m2: 104
  • Net m2: 71
  • Min Price: 292.000$
3+1 Apartment
  • Gross m2: 144
  • Net m2: 111
  • Min Price: 357.000$
4+1 Apartment
  • Gross m2: 208
  • Net m2: 171
  • Min Price: 517.000$
  • Min Price: 2.080.000$
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