RI106 Sea View Apartments In Istanbul For Sale 2021

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RI106 Sea View Apartments In Istanbul For Sale 2021

  About RI106 Sea View Apartments In Istanbul:

RI106 Sea View Apartments In Istanbul project is located at the entrance of the Bosphorus, on the Zeytinburnu coast of the historical peninsula. RI106 project, built on a 111 decare land in total, is located in the very center of Istanbul with its location adjacent to many strategic points from the new airport to the Eurasia Tunnel, on the coast of the Marmara Sea. RI106 Sea View Apartments In Istanbul consists of 14 blocks and 1557 apartments in total. The apartment options vary from 1+1 to 5+1.

From different apartment options to rich social life, from prestigious stores to world restaurants, from organic bazaars to cafes, everything that can come to mind awaits the residents and visitors of RI106 Sea View Apartments In Istanbul within walking distance. The RI106 Istanbul project creates a rich culture and arts environment with the best theater plays, the latest films, eye-opening exhibitions and enthusiastic concerts. The project makes both children and adults happy with its fun parks and playgrounds, activity programs that support personal development, sports facilities and the “RI106 Club” designed as a city club.

Project Features: Children's playgrounds, Cafes & Restaurants, 7/24 Security, Waterfall, Sea view, The Princes Islands view, Parking Lots, Walking track, Ornamental pool, Swimming Pools

Around The Project: Istanbul New Airport – 40 minutes, Ataturk Airport – 10 minutes, Hospital – 5 minutes, Marmaray Train Station – 5 minutes, Bus Station – 2 minutes, E-5 Highway – 2 minutes, TEM Highway – 10 minutes, University – 10 minutes, Zeytinburnu Coast – 1 minutes

1+1 Apartment
  • Min Area: 54 m2
  • Max Area: 133 m2
  • Min Price: 2.298.870 TL
  • Max Price: 4.654.320 TL
2+1 Apartment
  • Min Area:104 m2
  • Max Area: 223 m2
  • Min Price: 3.354.120 TL
  • Max Price: 8.793.270 TL
3+1 Apartment
  • Min Area: 163 m2
  • Max Area: 344 m2
  • Min Price: 5.124.240 TL
  • Max Price: 16.159.440 TL
4+1 Apartment
  • Min Area: 208 m2
  • Max Area: 294 m2
  • Min Price: 6.970.920 TL
  • Max Price: 22.232.760 TL
5+1 Apartment
  • Min Area: 306 m2
  • Max Area: 552 m2
  • Min Price: 17.169.570 TL
  • Max Price: 32.900.040 TL
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